“I Am The One Who Enters The Neutral Zone” - Bryan Cranston For TREK 3?

Rumors, they abound. 

Neiwsh site Film Divider claims to have the inside scoop on some character elements of Star Trek 3, including the film's big bad guy. According to the site the role is being written with Bryan Cranston in mind, and with him so in mind that he's already taken a meeting with the studio about it. 

Cranston as a bad guy is cool, I guess. I'm of the belief that the best Trek stories don't really have villains - they have obstacles the crew must overcome, but they don't all need to be Khan stories. I'd like to see a movie in the vein of Naked Time or City on the Edge of Forever. I think The Voyage Home sort of nailed this - there's a threat, but it's not a villainous threat. But if it is going to be a villain, I hope it's a Klingon. We haven't had the Klingons done right in the new series, and while I'm all for new worlds and new species there are plenty of great TOS episodes that have both the Klingons and new worlds. The Cold War between the Federation and the Empire allows for the Enterprise and a Klingon captain - say Kor, from the first season of TOS? - to be in competition over a new civilization or something. 

The other three roles that Film Divider talks about are more interesting. There's a female Starfleet captain role, one that is intended for an actor with the vitality of Chris Pine - a foil for old Captain Kirk? I like it. And then there's a female President of the United Federation of Planets, which is apparently a franchise first. And then there's word that the film is casting Bones' ex-wife, which is big news. The last two films have been so laser focused on Kirk and Spock that the rest of the ensemble has been largely left in the dust. The original show was a three-hander with side characters, and I hope that this movie gets more to the trinity aspect of the show. 

I'm hopeful for Star Trek 3. I had a bad reaction to Justin Lin being hired - after all, that just feels like going further down the Star Wars path that Abrams started us on - but with Simon Pegg co-writing the script I'm feeling better. With these rumors I'm also feeling better. 

Please be good, Star Trek 3