SUPERNATURAL's Rob Benedict writes and stars in a hilarious half-hour film about an unemployed superhero sidekick.

NEW trailer for The Sidekick from The Sidekick on Vimeo.

Michael J. Weithorn and Rob Benedict's short The Sidekick has been kicking around since 2013, but TODAY it's being released on iTunes, Amazon and Vimeo, so that means you can watch it right now. And you really, really should. 

Rob Benedict (Supernatural's Chuck/Carver and Felicity's Richard, two incredibly charming and original characters) wrote the screenplay for this half-hour short and stars as Max, an unemployed superhero sidekick learning to make his way in the world of the mundane with the help of Lizzy Caplan's Bailey. Max has been fired by Ron Livingston's Captain Wonder, and Martin Starr, Jordan Peele, Ike Barinholtz, Jason Ritter and Richard Speight Jr. co-star as superheroes, sidekicks and supervillains who are all struggling to remain gainfully employed in a flooded market. 

The Sidekick is a delight - it's clever but doesn't base its humor solely on winks and nudges, and it has a surprising amount of heart for a film about a sidekick. Benedict's performance is wry and honest, and he's surrounded by funny, engaging actors having a blast. 

The Sidekick will receive its streaming debut on Hulu in March, but it's definitely worth a few bucks in order to watch it today. Here's what Benedict and director Weithorn told Variety about the project:

“Quite honestly, we’re overwhelmed with the high praise that our short continues to receive,” Benedict said . “With superheroes more prevalent in the pop culture zeitgeist than ever before, it’s nice to give the sidekick a little attention!”

“When Rob and I set out to make his small, funny and personal film for $75,000, we never imagined we would wind up assembling a cast comprised of some of the greatest, most respected comedic actors in the world,” said Weithorn. “From day one, this project was an absolute thrill — we can’t wait for it to make its digital debut.”

Check out the trailer for The Sidekick above and then give the short a watch. You'll be glad you did.