Channing Tatum Gets Back On That Pony In The MAGIC MIKE XXL Trailer

"Nice to meet you. Magic. Magic Mike."

It would be totally okay if Magic Mike XXL were nothing but Channing Tatum welding and shaking it to Ginuwine for a good three, three and a half hours. That scene could be longer than all of the Hobbit movies combined and it would win one thousand Oscars.

But because we are very, very lucky, there's even more to this movie! There's Joe Manganiello busting open a bottle of soda with the power of his penis. There's Matt Bomer having the time of his life on the dance floor. There are girls in bikinis and motorcycle helmets headbutting the beautifully defined abs of shirtless men. And of course we've got the elaborate dance productions and cheeky sense of humor from the first film, and oh hey! Gorgeous men of color who were sadly excluded from Magic Mike!

Magic Mike XXL arrives July 1, and if this trailer (and the poster) are any indication, it's going to be just as stylish, funny and goddamn sexy as its predecessor, and it will also be my favorite movie ever.