Eat Your Heart Out At Mondo’s CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST Valentine’s Feast

And a vinyl release of the AWESOME soundtrack!

If I was in Austin this Valentine's Day I know where I would be: Mondo's Cannibal Holocaust feast at the Alamo Drafthouse. I doubt my girlfriend would want to join me there, but sometimes you have to answer to the higher love. The love of Italian cannibal movies. 

And I love Italian cannibal movies. Cannibal Holocaust most of all. It's the real deal, a totally sickening piece of transgressive cinema that's so realistically gory director Ruggero Deodato was brought up on murder charges. He had to produced his actors to get off. It's also the first found footage film, marking a high point in the genre that has never been bested

Oh, and it's totally fucking gnarly. Just mean and violent and featuring the onscreen deaths of real animals, which is where most people check out. In the last few years everything has become mainstream and watered down and turned into mash-up t-shirts - I love that Cannibal Holocaust is so totally hardcore that this can never, ever happen. 

So Mondo is showing Cannibal Holocaust with a four course cannibal feast, which sounds amazing: 

Thinly Sliced Pickled Tongue (Aperitivo)
Turtle Soup (Primo)
Human Stew (Secondo)
Monkey Brains (Dolce)

I am so curious what's in those last two dishes. If the courses are timed to points in the movie I know exactly what sort of ghastly business will be on screen when these meals are placed before the diners, and I wish I could see people trying to choke down their food while watching some of the most heinous, socially unacceptable images flash before their eyes. 

What's weird about Cannibal Holocaust is that while the movie is vile the soundtrack, by Riz Ortolani, is one of the most beautiful ever. Think I'm lying? Listen to this:

Yes, that's the main theme to Cannibal Holocaust. You can imagine it being played at a wedding. 

Anyway, Mondo isn't just going to do this feast. They're also releasing a vinyl edition of the soundtrack, featuring a "Green Inferno" disc and new Jock cover art. 


Damn! You'll be able to buy that at the event, or online at

If you're in Austin you can buy tickets for the feast here. The movie will be playing at Alamos across the country, but it looks like only the lucky ducks in Austin get the Human Stew. 

Cannibal Holocaust will be shown at Alamo Drafthouse locations nationwide, launching a monthly horror screening series with Chiller, programmed by Mondo.