Falling for AMIRA & SAM And WILD CARD With Meredith Borders

This week we get romantic with Jason Statham.

We do this every week and to be honest with you, both Phil and I are pretty much just phoning it in at this point. But this week’s episode is different because we had the pleasure of sharing our padcast with the sharp and wonderful Meredith Borders. Meredith isn’t big on padcast-guesting, so we were very lucky to have her on the show.

The three of us discuss a couple of really amazing romance films - Amira & Sam and last year’s Obvious Child. Then Phil and I ruin the vibe by comparing last week’s Jason Statham film, Wild Card, with Heat, the 1986 Burt Reynolds film which has basically the exact same script.

If none of that sounds appealing, there’s a long span of time where Phil and Meredith try to figure out my weird, mutant movie tastes. I sound like a huge idiot, but that’s okay because I am kind of a huge idiot. I’ve learned to accept that. Would that all other huge idiots could do the same.