Adam Wingard And Simon Barrett’s Next Will Take Them To THE WOODS

Let’s hope they bring enough bug spray.

I liked Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s You're Next, and I absolutely adored their following film, The Guest. Both movies played with their genres in clever ways that kept them from feeling boxed in to their respective conventions. That’s why I’m not so bummed that their next collaboration will be another horror film - the chances of it JUST being another horror film are slim.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wingard and Barrett’s next will be The Woods for Lionsgate. There aren’t a lot of available details about its plot, but the film will revolve around college kids on a camping trip. It seems likely there will be a psycho involved. That, after all, is the whole point of camping trips.

The film should start shooting this spring with a cast of unknowns. Many of us are unknowns, so we all have a shot at finally starring in a movie. Keep your fingers crossed.