LEGEND OF CONAN Update: It’s Still Happening

Keep this one in your mental to-do list. 

There's still a new Conan movie coming, says producer Chris Morgan. Morgan, who wrote the Fast & Furious movies, is overseeing the production of Legend of Conan, a direct sequel to John Milius' Conan the Barbarian, which will ignore Conan the Destroyer and the recent remake. The film will pick up from the final image of Milius' movie, of an aged Conan sitting alone on a throne - an image that Milius had wanted to return to with a movie called King Conan  (which is better than Legend of Conan, but why not just call it Conan The King? That's a good title). 

Morgan spoke to Empire and assured the mag that the movie is still in some sort of development, with Gangster Squad's Will Beall writing. The article presents this as good news, although your response to it may vary. 

At one point the movie was supposed to come out in 2014, which if they're going by the standard laws of space-time is now an impossibility. Says Morgan: 

"Literally right now we're talking about when it can go ahead. We're figuring it out. I can't really say... but it's sooner than you might think!"

As for what the movie will be, Morgan says don't look too hard at the Robert E. Howard material for clues. The film will go full Milius. 

"We look at all the source material and we love things that kind of speak to that tone. We’re incredibly respectful to Howard. I’m a huge fan of the stories and books, but I’m a super-huge fan of the first movie, because that crystallised and distilled it all for me. Milius just killed it. He did such a good job. And Legend Of Conan is really resonant and it really digs into the legacy of that original film. I'm already very proud of it."

But seriously, Chris - Conan the King. Make that happen.