Fuck Tha Police: STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON Trailer Gets Rowdy

Take a trip back to the last time music was actually dangerous.

What was it like before music had become an anaesthetic? What was it like when music was confrontational and angry and caused society to recoil in horror and fear? What was it like when dumb kids got on the mic and said dumb shit and in doing so diverted the very history of the culture?

Straight Outta Compton is about that. The new trailer for the movie about the history of NWA - a glossy as fuck movie, it turms out - has hit, and it is certainly the only studio motion picture trailer this year to end with a crowd chanting "Fuck the police," which if nothing else makes this one of the best trailers of the year. 

Will the movie be any good? I'm concerned about the B&W intro of old, sold-out Dre and Cube driving through Compton. I'm concerned by the general biopic tone of what we see - Dre in the kitchen is really egregious stuff. But at the same time the theatrical, self-aggrandizing world of gangsta rap does lend itself to this kind of polished portrayal - that cinematic image of excess and control is where the whole genre was going anyway. It all began in the truth of the streets but quickly exploded beyond that into an entire world of created imagery and self-aware characters. 

The music's going to be good - that much is obvious. Just hearing Straight Outta Compton or Fuck tha Police for a moment is enough to get you excited. I can't wait to be in some huge screening room hearing that shit booming all around me. Which makes me think - wouldn't it be cool to see a movie that lays bare the sampling process, that shows how the songs themselves were constructed, the thought process behind it all? I doubt this movie is the film to do it, but I would absolutely sit through a movie like that.