The Canon Episode 13: CLERKS

In honor of Sundance 2015, Devin and Amy talk about one of the big films of Sundance 1994.

Welcome back to The Canon! We always knew we were taking a week off for Sundance, but I had family business to deal with, and that led to two dark weeks. But we're back, and we're rounding out our unintentional 1994 trilogy (Forrest Gump and The Shawkshank Redemption were previous episodes) with Clerks

But first we talk a little bit about this year's Sundance - were there any films that premiered there that might one day be Canon-worthy? And, of course, we get off on a tangent about Kevin Smith's entire career. As you do. 

So listen below and then go here to vote - is Clerks worthy of being in The Canon?