Honest Bees & Cosmic Rollerblades: JUPITER ASCENDING Kicks Nerdy Ass

Oh, and BETTER CALL SAUL is pretty great as well.

Just in terms of the subjects discussed, this is the most fun I've had recording the Padcast in a while. That's probably why this week's episode hits the dreaded two-hour mark. While most have already thrown Jupiter Ascending out of their brains forever, Phil and I found a lot to discuss/admire/laugh at.

We then move on to another exciting subject, the premiere of AMC's Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul. We disagree about how successful it is (so far) when it comes to supplying a show viewers can enjoy without with prior knowledge of Breaking Bad, but we're both pretty smitten overall. There's just positive energy all over this episode.

And of course, we have listener questions and the usual nutso digressions. We are what we are.