I Wanna Be A Believer In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

We've got Rich Aucoin, Ariel Pink and Keffer in this week's music video roundup.

Director-cum-visionary Jason Eisener (Hobo with A Shotgun, V/H/S/2) needeth no introduction in these parts. And with Canadian indie artist Rich Aucoin (aka Detective Wolfe) in company, their mutual affinity for unwary, brazen prepubescence in the video for “Want to Believe” will make your moth-eaten shrunken heart triple in size. Call me forever biased as a result of my unwavering love for Is Tropical’s The Greeks, but these are all paramount examples of what makes this curation worthwhile. In lieu of further meanderings, I propose watching those previously mentioned on an everlasting loop.

Unfamiliar with The Mau Mau’s and legendary frontman Rick Wilder? Begin lightly with this rare, circa-the-eighties clip of their sufficiently angsty “Warbaby,” and you’ll see not much in the way of the wildcard has changed other than the hand cruelly dealt by Father Time. Consummate director Grant Singer is at the helm of this day-in-the-life (moving) portrait accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Ariel Pink’s latest with lyrics that fit tighter than Wilder’s fading youth lassoing snakeskin pants. This could only be bookended by a scene from OJ Simpson’s Cocaine and Blue Eyes in which The Mau Mau’s are playing the previously referenced track in the background.

With a respite from masterly steadicam work, the Loïc Andrieu-directed video for Keffer’s mesmeric “Rouge” weaves bits of grand tales bound by subdued gore with scintillating results. Perhaps par for the course when you consider the Parisian musician’s own background in photography. And the lengthy list of crew credits beat me to the punch, so make that shout-out to the wolf tamer and blood wave creator a double from yours truly.