Beware Of CRIMSON PEAK: This Trailer Might Kill You

(with anticipation)

Well, hello there, crazy costume drama ghost story from Guillermo del Toro! Why, YES, this is exactly everything I've ever wanted from a movie, thanks for asking!

Of course we've all been looking forward to del Toro's Crimson Peak ever since it was announced, but this teaser has elevated that anticipation to exospheric levels. The costumes, the set decoration, the absolutely insane hair - did I mention the costumes? I want to live in Mia Wasikowska's puffed sleeves. Crimson Peak is my new address. Please forward my mail.

Some of the effects still look a little shabby, but it's early yet, and the entire aesthetic of this thing is so creepy gothic Victorian fab that I want to eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. It looks like an Edward Gorey pop-up book - though of course del Toro's got his fingerprints, oily from all that machinery, on every frame. It looks specific, and that's a rare thing in this homogenized movie culture.

Crimson Peak arrives October 16 and has already secured a hearty R rating. Let's all throw lots of money at it so we get more of this and less of Annabelle, okay?