GAME OF THRONES Season 5 Could Be Bloodier Than The Books

Also: could the show last more than seven seasons?

Fans have noticed that Game of Thrones has deviated significantly from A Song of Ice and Fire this past season, and it seems as if it's only going to get worse (or better, depending on your POV). Talking to Showbiz411 George RR Martin warns that characters who survive in the books may not make it through the TV series alive:

“People are going to die who don’t die in the books, so even the book readers will be unhappy. So everybody better be on their toes. David and D.B. are even bloodier than I am.”

We've actually already seen that with Jojen Reed, who got offed by wights in the finale of season four but who is still alive and kicking in the novels. Many assumed this means he is going to die soon in the books, but with Martin's quote nothing is certain. 

Some characters obviously can't die on the show - the main characters who are clearly part of the finale will make it to the end - but it seems as if any and all supporting characters could be up for grabs. 

One other intriguing thing about the interview: as Game of Thrones catches up with the books, many have wondered whether the show would lap the novels as it makes its way to seven seasons. But Martin says that there's no reason it has to be just seven seasons. 

"I certainly hope that we get to tell the entire story. Because whatever happens with the show I’m going to finish the books, it will be seven books. But each of these books are 1500 pages long and they each have enough material in them for several seasons. I have two more books, the one I’m writing right now, ‘The Winds Of Winter,’ and after that the last book, ‘The Dream of Spring,’ so those will be the two final books. But we’re talking 3000 pages of material. How many seasons that translates too? That’s up to D.B. [Weiss]  and David [Benioff].”

Thats' a really intriguing quote. A Storm of Swords was chopped into two seasons... although A Feast for Crows and A Dance With Dragons seem to have been conflated into one. Still, the season three/four split proves that Martin's novels can work as multiple seasons, and if things start heating up again in The Winds of Winter there could be plenty of incident to get this TV series to go nine seasons... at which point the books and the show could be evenly matched.