Our Daily Trailer: WAYNE’S WORLD

SNL 40 week kicks off with

This week Saturday Night Live celebrates its 40th anniversary, and we're joining in with a week of trailers for SNL movies. A couple of those movies will even be good! This is one of the good ones. 

Sorry, did I say good? I meant perfect. Penelope Spheeris' Wayne's World is a perfect comedy, a perfect tribute to the low-brow, a perfectly daft goof-riot that masks a sneaky intelligence in its incisive criticism of the industry that killed rock and roll. It's the kind of quotable that worked its way into the lexicon of an entire generation. It's got belly laughs in every scene, but it's also got a surprising sweetness that makes it stick. 

In a word, Wayne's World is zang, and I love it. I love it like Wayne loves Cassandra, like Garth loves his dreamwoman, like Terry loves Wayne. I love it, man.