Watch And Count Every Kill In JOHN WICK

So, so many headshots.

The above video, which shows and counts every kill in John Wick, only helps two types of people - those who have seen John Wick and need a quick dose of its particular brand of awesome violence and those who have not yet seen John Wick but would like to get a taste of this awesome violence everyone is talking about. There is a third category - those who don’t like or care about John Wick - but they are not a demographic this video cares about.

For those who haven’t seen the film, I’m not sure I recommend discovering its glory through this brief distillation. You’re missing out on a lot of cool context and cute dog material. We don’t just love this film for the headshots; it also builds a remarkably interesting world around all those splattered brains. Without that (and the cute dog), no amount of headshots would elevate John Wick to the action classic status it seems destined to enjoy.

But for those who have seen the film and already know what’s up, go crazy.