Badass Podcast #38: A Small Panel Of Tastemakers Judge KINGSMAN’s Anal Sex Joke

You will believe their results!

Once again, Phil and I discuss just one film. Once again, I am amazed that such a conversation can be over 90 minutes long.

But of course that’s what happens. Other than discussing Kingsman: The Secret Service, Phil and I also talk about Fifty Shades of Grey. Neither of us saw it, but Phil saw a bunch of ladies who were about to see it, and he totally reviews the shit out of them.

We also talk about why I have such a hard time remembering people’s names (Phil thinks it might be a medical condition) and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember (medical condition). I’m pretty sure the Kingsman discussion ends at about the 50-minute mark, so it’s pretty much all bullshit after that. Phil really hits it hard with the impressions this week!

I haven’t asked for a while, so let this be a reminder that reviews and high-star ratings on iTunes are greatly appreciated! I actually don’t know if they’re worth anything in the real world, but I love seeing them!