Jesus Christ, They’re Making Another DA VINCI CODE Sequel

And they have a complete cast. 

The idea that there's a third film in the "Harry Langdon" series, spawning out of The Da Vinci Code, is so absolutely bizarre. This is 100% a series that belongs in the 90s.... hell, it's a series that belongs on USA. They've got characters. But anyway, these movies are defiant throwbacks to one of the worst eras of big budget studio filmmaking, and they just keeping chugging along every half decade or so. I'm imagining these films do big business at old people matinees. 

The next one is Inferno, and it starts shooting in April and Sony has announced the entire cast, which is quite international. Which makes sense as they're not making this movie to express deep artistic ideas or tell a good story, they're trying to hit a number at the box office and the foreign box office is a big piece of that. Tom Hanks returns as Langdon, and this time he's joined by Felicity Jones, who is nominated for an Oscar for her role in The Theory of Everything but not The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Also joining the cast is Omar Sy, not nominated for his role as Bishop in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Irrfahn Khan, not nominated for his role as Bad Guy in The Amazing Spider-Man and Sidse Babett Knudsen who, like Tom Hanks, hasnt yet been in a superhero movie. 

This time around Langdon finds himself in Italy with a spot of amnesia. Felicity Jones plays the doctor who is helping him, and together they go on the run from an assassin and discover a plot to infect the world with a doomsday virus, which they must stop by solving word puzzles and rearranging pictures and shit. I assume this takes place in the same universe as Resident Evil, where you have to solve a lengthy puzzle involving the positions of hands on a clock just to use the bathroom. 

The series, by the way, has skipped The Lost Symbol. I hope that doesn't screw up the continuity of these barely connected films that people see before getting the early bird dinner.