This SPEARHUNTER Documentary Trailer Will Make You Hug Your Nearest Boar

If this film’s not exciting the punny review headlines are going to be brutal.

You can probably make a “this is about something incredibly goofy, except it’s actually about something way deeper than that, man” documentary on anything. We’ve certainly seen a lot of them. It might even be beyond the point of parody.

This one, Spearhunter, is about a guy who hunts boars with spears and appears to have some kind of shrine to himself set up in his living room. Also, he has weird sexual appetites and yells a lot. It looks a little like a comedy but will very likely rip our souls apart.

We’ll find out soon enough as the film will play at this year’s SXSW. I’m really looking forward to reading reviews of this. Watching animals get stabbed with spears isn’t my idea of an awesome time, but the premise and especially this guy (and the fact that we only see him on recordings, indicating that boars may have eventually figured out how spear him back) has me pretty intrigued.

Over at /Film they also have this weird poster for the film: