Arya Stark Is A Loser In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

We've got Seafret, Jungle and Royal Blood in this week's music video roundup.

In the video for a yearning ballad (sadly not an aria) from Seafret, a Bridlington, England-based duo, Maisie Williams has been plucked from her familiar fantasy milieu and slipped into a modern-day bullying scenario where her Braavosi-style sword training is swapped for fuchsia-hued electrotelekinetic powers. Director Jonathan Entwistle hones the landscape of fleeting adolescent weirdo vulnerability in such a way that inspires ulcer-worthy pangs of empathy. And in some cases envy, regarding her ultimately DIY-chic lightning bolt cloak and complementary mask.

Good gravy, it’s been an abundant and glorious week for gifted, partially clothed male dancers. And the (double entendre-intended) movement reached its full potential with London-based modern soul outfit, Jungle’s “Julia” -- not to be mistaken for the other Jungle Julia. Jungle’s own Josh Lloyd-Watson alongside photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch go halves on directing duties for this number, providing an altogether absorbing slice of euphonious cinema.

In an effort to save the unrivaled for last, Adult Swim’s Superjail writer/voice Christy Karacas, along with David Wilson, recently co-directed and unleashed their violent video for British two-piece Royal Blood’s riff-dense single “Out of the Black.” In it a gas station clerk is tormented by an unearthly being donning an elaborate rabbit suit who has a hankering for processed sugar and all-around mayhem. The fusion of adrenalized live- and cartoon-action culminates in a highly entertaining, budget-savvy fever dream.

Royal Blood - Out of The Black ⛄️❤️ from David Wilson on Vimeo.