Bad Robot To Probably Give The Modern Weirdo Genius Treatment To Thomas Edison

The one thing he couldn’t invent: Love.

According to The Wrap, J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot has started developing a film all about Thomas Edison, inventor of the lightbulb, movies, the Measles vaccine, the idiom “On Fleek,” and a thousand other things.

The film will offer us Edison as a “rugged eccentric genius.” I hope this means he will dress like a rock star and gesture wildly while saying socially inappropriate things to boring businessmen and their super hot wives.

I am making assumptions of course, but they come after thirty-three years of watching movies. I have a hard time they’d make this about a stuffy and grumpy old guy who knows how to comb his hair. The Weinstein Company also has an Edison movie they’re trying to get together about Edison vs. George Westinghouse, but nothing has been going on with that one lately. Maybe this is the spark of inspiration required to give us two eccentric genius movies at the same time!