Did James Bond Buy His New Suit At Kingsman?

Peak lapels! Pinstripes! A world gone mad!

Just the other day on the podcast I was telling Evan that while I hoped the Bond franchise would, going forward, take some cues regarding over-the-top stakes and larger than life action from Kingsman: The Secret Service, I drew the line at 007 cribbing its fashions. While Colin Firth’s Galahad rocked the living shit out of some double-breasted striped suits, it’s a quietly flamboyant look (? Can that be a thing?) that, in my opinion, might not fly on Daniel Craig’s no-nonsense gentleman spy.

Big surprise: no one listens to me. Today’s SPECTRE photocall in Rome features Craig and his Bond Lady, Monica Bellucci, in what may or may not be costuming from the film. I’ve been hearing dark rumblings that 007’s Tom Ford kit in SPECTRE would be bolder this time out, sporting peak lapels and such. Sure enough, there they are. With pinstripes, to boot. All Craig needs are some tortoise shell specs and an umbrella, and he’d fit right in with Matthew Vaughn’s Savile Row-based secret spy organization.

This is a pretty bold step away from the clean, understated, Connery/Mad Men-esque lines Tom Ford brought to both Quantum of Solace and Skyfall. I’m not sure I’m into this! Are you into this? (If you are into this, did you know you can buy Kingsman brand clothing and such? Perfect if you’re in the market for a $1500 blazer or a $25,000 watch.)

I just don’t know. The brown suede shoes with the suit suggest that this might be Craig’s civilian garb. I kind of hope that’s the case. Ms. Bellucci lookin’ fine, though.

In other SPECTRE news, second unit assistant director Terry Madden and another crew member have been hospitalized after an on-set car accident in Austria. We wish both individuals a speedy recovery. Film stuntwork is serious business, and the folks who do it have my eternal respect and gratitude.