Jerry Lewis Gets Big Role In New Nicolas Cage Movie, THE TRUST

Sometimes life is almost too good.

Directors Ben and Alex Brewer are currently shooting a cop drama in Las Vegas called The Trust. This should really be news enough since The Trust is not just any cop drama - it’s a cop drama in which Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood are partners. I don’t even care what they do (they try to make a quick buck by entering into a criminal underworld); I already have to see this movie.

Now The Trust has become even more enticing. Deadline reports that none other than Jerry Lewis has joined the cast. This world being as lovably goofy as it is, I probably don’t have to tell you that he’s going to play Nicolas Cage’s dad. But I’m going to tell you anyway: Jerry Lewis is playing Nicolas Cage’s dad. Oh, the hypothetical scenes running through my head right now.

The Trust does not yet have a release date or anything, but I trust it will soon. You just try to keep me from watching the shit out of it.