ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Gets Another Supporting Player

She’s hot on Ash’s hot trail.

It’s going to be so weird seeing old Ash hanging out with a crew of newbies when Ash vs. Evil Dead arrives. We’ve already learned who will play two of them. Today we’re getting info on a third member of his party.

Jill Marie Jones, who you may know from Sleepy Hollow and Girlfriends, will play a character named Amanda Fisher, a disgraced cop who thinks Ash is responsible for the death of her parents. See, that right there already sounds so different than any Evil Dead stuff so far. I just don’t know what to expect, here. Upon finding Ash, the character soon learns that he’s a good guy and they join forces or whatever happens on TV shows about the Evil Dead.

Ash vs. Evil Dead is certainly going to be a weird watch. The series will run for ten half-hour episodes on Starz sometime late this year.