MAD MEN Final Season Teaser: Christ, The 70s Were Ugly

MAD MEN makes the full transition from the stylish 60s to the polyester 70s.

There was a 70s nostalgia wave in the 90s and I just didn't get it - the music was bad, the haircuts worse and, towering over all of it, the fashion was unspeakably ugly. Now Mad Men has come to the 70s and we can see the show's entire arc laid bare in wardrobe, as the clean lines and stylish suits of the early 60s have given way to.... this stuff in the trailer. 

Which isn't negative! I love that this is where the show has been headed all along. And I couldn't be more excited for this final half-season - I've been obsessed with Mad Men for a while, and that obsession will continue - as will The Annotated Mad Men - right up to the finale. Which, I hope, finds Don triumphant. The most interesting thing about last season was seeing that Matthew Weiner isn't interested in punishing Don, he's interested in redeeming him. How will audiences react to that? Will it be as negative as the reaction audiences had to Tony Soprano never getting his comeuppance?