Our Daily Trailer: WAYNE’S WORLD 2

Flawed maybe, but still schwing-worthy.

Is Wayne’s World 2 a bad movie? It certainly doesn’t reach the highs found in the first film, but I’m not sure it fails as its own thing. If nothing else, it manages a lot of inventiveness and doesn’t just shove a lazy redo of Wayne’s World in our faces. In fact, given that it’s not just an SNL film but an SNL sequel, I’m kind of surprised how good it is.

This trailer for the film only bolsters that impression. There are so many great gags and scenes that I had forgotten about. The Ed O’Neill bit (I know he was doing that in the first one, but still), the Jim Morrison stuff, Christopher Walken, the kung-fu fight, Chris Farley… the list goes on.

So there you go. There is simply too much good stuff going on for Wayne’s World 2 to be seen as a bad movie. If that’s the general consensus, we need to burn it down. We can all still hate that second Blues Brothers movie, though.