Check Out Austin-Based Web Series WEEKEND PLANS

Bringing a little BROAD CITY to Bat City.

Weekend Plans Final Trailer from Ronald Short on Vimeo.

Ronald Short is an Austin-based filmmaker and actor, and yesterday he debuted the first episode of his Austin-based web series, Weekend Plans. I've seen the first three episodes of the series, and it's funny and chill and weird, and I think you guys will dig it. It's definitely got an Austin-specific vibe, and the three leads (Short as Linus, Bloom Davis as Lisa and Nathan Minger as Jon) have a goofy, likable way about them.

Read a little more about Weekend Plans and then watch the first episode below, and the trailer above. You can follow new episodes - one every Thursday - and behind-the-scenes photos here.

About Weekend Plans: ​Weekend Plans is a fourteen episode web series that follows married couple Linus and Lisa as they navigate the terrain of weekends in Austin with their perpetual third wheel and roommate, Jon. Each episode is a comedic look into weekends of video games, marijuana, and excessive drinking. This includes heart­to­hearts with hobos, fighting off cat burglars with hunting blades while wearing nothing but socks, and the politics of sharing an HBO Go account. We observe these three, late 20­somethings as they navigate their world and take each weekend one plan at a time.

The team has assembled other local talent including Sam Eidson (Zero Charisma), Byron Brown (Grow Up, Tony Phillips), and Mike Vera (MooseStache) to appear in upcoming episodes.