Tim League On Why Drafthouse Recommends IT FOLLOWS

Explaining why you should see this movie without telling you a damn thing about it.

Fantastic Fest 2014 crowd favorite It Follows is the next Drafthouse Recommends title, and to celebrate, Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar in Austin is hosting a special advance screening on Sunday, February 28 with director David Robert Mitchell in attendance! You can get tickets here, and if you don't live in Austin, fear not: It Follows opens March 27 at select Alamo locations. 

Read Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest founder Tim League's recommendation of It Follows below: 

I go to film festivals throughout the year with three agendas in my hip pocket. I’m looking for films to release at Drafthouse Films, to program at Fantastic Fest and to play at the Alamo Drafthouse. The overarching nature of this search, however, is always the same. I am looking for discoveries. I’ve been in the cinema business for 20 years now, and I still yearn for the exact same thing I did when I first started: to emerge from the cinema after an amazing discovery, find a nearby mountaintop and start shouting praises from it.

I had such an experience at Cannes this year with genre-newcomer David Robert Mitchell’s IT FOLLOWS. And I’m not alone. The film is ranked 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics calling it everything “terrifying” to “refreshing” to “visionary” and all the way back to “spine-tinglingly scary.” But there’s one ubiquitous adjective that nearly everyone uses to describe IT FOLLOWS: “different.”

That’s a very important descriptor to me. I am frankly bored to death of run-of-the-mill horror films and thrillers that don’t offer anything new to the genre. IT FOLLOWS does, and for that alone it deserves to be celebrated and supported.

Looking for a suspenseful ride with plenty of thrills and chills? An astute relationship drama with real relationships in which you are actually invested? A truly terrifying slow-burn? A true rarity, the horror date movie? An amazing soundtrack? A brand new form of villain? If so, I hereby formally recommend IT FOLLOWS for your next visit to the cinema.

The purpose of “Drafthouse Recommends” is to curate the best, the coolest and the most thought-provoking films in release and try to share them across every single Alamo Drafthouse market. Before I got into the business, I had a good friend Matt who would always let me know when he saw a movie that he knew I would like. I hate spoilers and like to go in completely blind to films. He would just tell me, “you need to see it,” and I would, usually to great results. That experience is extremely rare for me these days, but my vision for the “Drafthouse Recommends” program is for me to become your Matt.

I have seen every single “Drafthouse Recommends” title, and as the moniker clearly implies, I personally recommend every single one. I will never pull a fast one on you and slip in a turd. You may not love every single “Drafthouse Recommends” title that I put forth (that being the nature of personal taste), but I guarantee every one of these curated films will be thought-provoking and fresh. Look for the “Drafthouse Recommends” label and look no further. Avoid all spoilers and just buy a ticket. Experience movies in the best way possible, completely blind. Let me be your Matt.