If You Watch Any Family Movie Next Thanksgiving, Make It VISITOR Q

Takashi Miike hitting the gross-sex wall as hard as he can.

Takashi Miike’s Visitor Q is a fucked up movie. But as I wrote a couple weeks ago, I think the barrier for what truly could shock had long been broken by the time Visitor Q came out in 2001. Still, that doesn't mean people shouldn’t try. And Visitor Q really goes for it.

This movie has everything: a father who has sex with his daughter (who is a prostitute), a son who beats his mother (who is a drug addict and prostitute), a mother who harmoniously feeds her entire family with her breastmilk. The list goes on, and it’s pretty great.

But among all this hilariously immoral nonsense awaits a wonderful gross-sex centerpiece. It starts with the father trying to rape his hot co-worker. That doesn’t work because he accidentally kills her instead. Undeterred, he takes her home to cut her up for easy disposal, but wouldn’t you know it, this turns him on. So he starts having sex with her dead body. Yuck! Turn this crazy movie off, Mom!

Hold on though - there’s more. See, rape and necrophelia are not very nice things, so everyone would feel a lot better if the poor lady got some revenge. She achieves this in a couple ways. One, her bowels empty on the guy. And two, rigor mortis sets in and he cannot remove himself from her body.

This is a family film, however, so his wife comes in to save the day. She puts a bunch of oil and vinegar into bathtub, hoping that a quick soak will separate her husband’s body from his victim. It doesn’t work. So she goes to Plan B and injects him with heroin instead. This does the trick, and they can all finally get to the business of cutting up this dead lady.

That all may sound heinous and awful, but it does mark the beginning of this sad family’s reconciliation, so maybe you should be a bit more patient before throwing stones.