THE DEAD LANDS Lives Up To Its Title In This Bloody Red Band Trailer

“Rated R for brutal bloody violence”

You know you’re in for a treat when the only thing a film gets an R-rating for is “brutal bloody violence.” No sex, no nudity, no swearing. Just a bunch of people killing the heck out of each other on screen.

Such is the case with The Dead Lands, a film coming out April 17 about a Maori youth who must go get himself a badass to help him reign vengeance upon the buttheads that killed his tribe. Just about every word in that sentence is speaking my language. I guess that makes sense because I wrote it in the language I speak.

But just be warned. If you’re the kind of uncouth perv who needs boobs and f-bombs everywhere, this might not be the movie for you. Everyone else, the line starts over here next to this severed noggin.