Here Come The AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Character Posters!

Starting ‘em off with ol’ Iron Man.

We just got a big, very busy new Avengers: Age of Ultron poster to ogle for the next couple months. But Marvel is the studio that keeps on giving, so long as we keep giving them dough, and in that spirit we are now getting a bunch of character posters.

There’s only one so far, and you can see it above. For those who don’t know, his name is Iron Man. He wears a robotic suit that might be made of iron, but I doubt it. When I lived in Taiwan, the kids simply could not stop calling him “Eye-Ron” man, and it really affected me in a profound way.

This “Eye-Ron” man poster was released by Robert Downey Jr. on his twitter feed. I wonder if all the Avengers will release their individual posters in a similar fashion. That ought to get us a new poster every day until the film actually comes out.