Just Say No In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

We've got Brodinski featuring Bloody Jay, CRi and Colleen Green in this week's music video roundup.

While the combination of monikers Brodinski and Bloody Jay nettle the woman who grew up in a small Texas football town with Juggalo suitors (hypothetically speaking), the Jérémie Rozan-spearheaded video for their trap rap track “Us” is decidedly not lacking in slick, highly amusing imagery. He deftly paints the backdrop - Shanghai with Nicolas Winding Refn-esque neon strokes - as the aforementioned artist himself basks in the glow on a trip of the hallucinatory variety. Tell anyone but me that you can go wrong with a Pikachu kitty and motorcycle swing.

Montreal-based electronic outfit CRi recruited the keen peepers of directors Kristof Brandl and Justin Owensby for their latest synth-driven number, “Pearl.” And the washed-out, desolate desert landscape becomes overdosing cephalopod-out-of-water Elon Höglund’s altogether transfixing dance floor. Upon exploring his dance company Tentacle Tribe’s work further I went a day without food and fell deep into a wormhole of breakdance convention footage.

LA-based singer-shredder-sometime-stoner Colleen Green and Faye Orlove are a kindred match made in effortlessly cool heaven in the video for the Jake Orrall-produced track “TV.” Relatable sentiment abounds with the lyrics, “TV is my friend and it has been/ Always there for me in time of need.” Channel surfing hasn’t been this satisfying since my mother fashioned together rods from my Alvin and the Chipmunks tent to reach the set’s buttons from the couch.