WAGES OF FEAR Vs. SORCERER: Which Movie Gets Destroyed Forever?

Phileven does the dirty work no one else will touch.

Dedication to duty is nice, but there’s a line where it gets to be too much. This weekend, Phil and I looked at Hot Tub Time Machine 2, The Pretty Ugly Girl, and The Oscars, and found that line. We simply could not justify spending time nor money on any of that.

So instead, we watched Wages of Fear and its remake Sorcerer and tried our best to compare them without sounding like idiots. It was especially hard for me.

This is actually a pretty interesting episode. Phil and I sort of disagree a little when it comes to which one should be put in the cannon. The disagreements begin at the very idea that we have to put one of these movies in a cannon at all. But I just don’t understand the point of having a podcast if you’re not going to use it for shooting movies out of cannons.

Ultimately Phil got his way and the podcast refrained from becoming a death match between two very good films. But just for the record, I think I’m pro Fear, while Phil appears to have a soft spot for Sorcerer. Which means Phil wants to put Wages of Fear into a cannon and shoot it to hell. What a jerk.

We talk about other stuff, of course, but I have no idea what it was. Amazingly enough, this episode came in at under ninety minutes! I can’t believe we finally pulled it off.

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See you next week when we discuss David Cronenberg’s Map to the Stars!