Rosamund Pike Joins James Mangold’s THE DEEP BLUE GOOD-BY

Going from Jack Reacher to Travis McGee!

The world is Rosamund Pike’s oyster at this point. Not only did she get an Oscar nomination for her great work in David Fincher’s Gone Girl, but every man she comes across from now unto the end of time will treat her with cautious respect.

Variety reports that Pike’s status upgrade comes with a lead role in James Mangold’s upcoming adaptation of John D. MacDonald’s The Deep Blue Good-by, the first of twenty-one Travis McGee novels. Travis McGee, as far as he’s been described to me, is some kind of beach bum version of Jack Reacher. Hopefully he’s a little less cocky, though.

Just in case I’m way off, here is now Variety describes him:

…a self-described “salvage consultant” who recovers others’ property for a fee and along the way gets into trouble fighting bad guys and wooing women.

Sounds great, though I'm more into the beach bum thing. Regardless, I’m pretty excited for this film. Not only is Christian Bale playing McGee, but it comes from a script written by Dennis Lehane. Hopefully it’s great and we can all look forward to twenty more. I’m actually more excited to read the book than anything. I love these goofy long-running tough guy characters.