We Have A Hulk: Another AGE OF ULTRON Character Poster Debuts

It looks like we're getting one a day!

Maybe they did it backwards. Maybe Marvel should have released these character posters in a lead up to the big team poster they dropped on us earlier in the week. But then again if they did that maybe we would have all been terribly disappointed, because these character posters are pretty A-OK and that team poster sucks

I like this Hulk poster, and I liked yesterday's Iron Man. I guess we're gonna get a new Avenger a day for the next week, leading up to that big announcement Robert Downey Jr hinted at. If that's the case, maybe it's a Vision poster? If they include The Twins as character posters that makes for seven posters (or maybe it's The Twins in one and Nick Fury in one, even though Fury has a very, very minor role in this movie), and Vision as eight? Whatever the case, we'll all be counting down together.