BLADE RUNNER Sequel Gets A Director

This movie is definitely happening.

Blade Runner, one of the more divisive nerd properties out there, is getting a sequel. This has been discussed long enough now that it’s understandable if people lost faith that it would ever come to fruition. But it’s definitely getting a sequel. Whether that’s good news or bad news is up to you.

Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve is currently in negotiations to direct the film. I don’t know how much “negotiation” is actually left when this info came from a legit press release, so I would consider it a done deal. Original writer Hampton Fancher wrote the script with Green Lantern writer Michael Green. Harrison Ford is coming back. The film takes place “several decades” after the original and should go into production next summer.

If I sound like I lack enthusiasm for this, it is because I lack enthusiasm for this. Not only am I one of those people who doesn’t really get all the love for the original Blade Runner (I find it beautiful, but impossible to watch without dozing off), I am also very suspicious of these late sequel things. Plus there’s Harrison Ford. If he awakens for The Force Awakens, I might have some hope, but even that seems doubtful these days.