Drew Goddard To Write/Direct Marvel’s New SPIDER-MAN

This is the best news ever. 

Just in case you didn't think Marvel working out a deal with Sony to get Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe wasn't the best news ever, it just got better: according to Latino Review Drew Goddard will be writing and directing the new film which, aping the titles of the comics, may be called Spectacular Spider-Man*. 

Goddard is one of the great underused filmmakers of our time. He worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, wrote Cloverfield and fixed the ending of World War Z (it feels like it's from a different movie, but it's the best part of the full film). But he's also had problems - his masterpiece directorial debut Cabin in the Woods sat on a shelf for years, his work on Robopocalypse never came to fruition, he left the Daredevil TV series and he was set to make Sinister Six at Sony when the whole Spidey franchise imploded. But that implosion turned out to be a good thing, and if Latino Review is right this means the absolutely most correct guy is taking on Spider-Man.

The site's source says that there won't be an origin in this new film - they're just jumping right in. That makes sense, as Spidey will be appearing in other Marvel movies first (we all expect him in Captain America: Civil War, but I've been told he will ALSO show up in Doctor Strange. We'll see!). They say that the new film will have a high school Spidey going up against Iron Man as he attempts to join the Avengers; I like this, because it reflects Amazing Spider-Man #1, when Spidey tried to join the Fantastic Four. I hope it goes as badly. The Sinister Six will be formed by the end of the first film, Latino Review's sources say. 

If this is all true then it shows that Marvel is striding the landscape like a confident giant, just stepping wherever they want and dominating everything. Goddard on Spider-Man is the dream that should have come true back when Sony first rebooted the property. 

* go all the way and make it Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man, guys!