Make This Kurt Vonnegut Documentary Happen

Can you believe there's never been a definitive Vonnegut documentary?

Filmmakers Don Argott (The Art of the StealLast Days HereAs the Palaces Burn) and Robert B. Weide (Curb Your EnthusiasmWoody Allen: A Documentary) are working on a documentary about Kurt Vonnegut. Astonishingly the author - a cultural and intellectual maverick - has never had a definitive documentary made about him, and Argott and Weide are working to fix that. With your help. 

This is the perfect way to express your appreciation for all the enriching hours you've spent reading Kurt Vonnegut's books. This is a project authorized by Vonnegut, and one he very much hoped to see come to fruition. A successful Kickstarter campaign will resuscitate these efforts and finally make the completed film a reality after 33 years. We'll hit the ground running with more filming -- primarily interviews (with Vonnegut's friends, colleagues, family members) and pertinent locations, then back to the editing room to edit dozens of hours of footage, hundreds of photographs, never-seen home movies, etc., into a polished production that will be a worthy homage to one of America's most beloved writers. How proud will you be to know you helped make it happen? Please consider how much you can contribute, look over our rewards, and become part of Vonnegut's karass!

The Alamo Drafthouse, as you can see in the above video, is supporting this Kickstarter, because Kurt Vonnegut has meant so much to so many of us. And you can support it, too: right here.