Henry Jackman’s Magneto Theme From FIRST CLASS Is The Best Modern Superhero Theme

Granted, it's not a crowded field.

I had a playlist going earlier this morning and Henry Jackman's Magneto from X-Men: Days of Future Past came on and everything changed around me. All of a sudden I was a strutting badass, and the driving, percussive force of the music really got me pumped. It's a track that is instantly recognizable, that I hear and know immediately is Magento's theme. It's a great piece of music, filled with swagger and attitude, just like young Magneto... which makes its absence from X-Men: Days of Future Past all the more baffling. 

The track also made me realize something else: there are not many great superhero themes now. We can hum the Danny Elfman Batman or the John Williams Superman and even the themes to the Raimi Spider-Mans, but too few modern superhero movies have iconic theme music. That's probably a function of a lot of changes in how film scoring works - things seem less melodic now, and more geared toward propulsive, repetitive sounds that work well in trailers. But it's one of the bummers of the superhero movie rennaisance - all of these great characters coming to exciting life onscreen and without definitive themes to back them up. 

The only other character theme that comes close is Hans Zimmer's (Factory's) work on The Dark Knight, especially the Joker's theme. But even that is sort of a cacophonous noisescape as opposed to a truly coherent theme. While that works for the character, it doesn't have the same punch - you can't start humming it at your friends the way you can with Williams' Superman: The Movie score. 

What do you think? Is Magneto the only great modern superhero cue? Are there other character themes that stick out to you? Will Marvel ever wise up and commission a great soundtrack?