The COMMUNITY Season 6 Trailer Is Here

Now they just gotta make the movie to shut us up for good.

Community returns on March 17th, which gives us all exactly two weeks to figure out what exactly Yahoo Screen is, and more importantly where we can watch it. When the show got its surprise renewal, the joke was that Community fans watched it on their computers anyway (as the low Nielsen ratings didn't reflect the show's large fanbase), but I can't stand watching anything on my desktop or laptop unless I absolutely have to (and you can go to hell if you think I'd watch even this trailer on my phone or tablet). Luckily, the Xbox 360 has a Yahoo Screen app, so assuming it works properly I'll be able to watch that way.

But if it DOESN'T work, at least this trailer has convinced me that it'll be worth watching on a computer screen instead of my television. Drawing from a number of episodes (or, perhaps, the most complicated single episode in the show's history), it looks like Dan Harmon and his writers have given up any semblance of a more grounded version of the show - this stuff looks like last season's "Meow Meow Beanz" episode was the inspiration for the season as a whole. It also hints at some of the season's ongoing plotlines, such as Paget Brewster's seemingly villainous new character (not the one she played last season, which I hope is explained or at least joked about) and the fact that Greendale has allowed prisoners to attend the school (via iPads attached to what look like scaled down Segways) in order to get some much needed extra income. And Leonard appears!

It also addresses the cast's reduction, an ongoing issue that Chang seems to think is racially based (a shot of Shirley's empty chair is followed by the Dean introducing Brewster - a white woman - as "New Shirley," seemingly proving his point). I think we can assume that Donald Glover isn't going to appear (we would have heard about it by now, I'd think), and Yvette Nicole Brown is still caring for her sick dad/appearing on The New Odd Couple, so I assume Shirley won't be popping up for any surprise visits either. However, it's possible Pierce will appear (in hologram form?); Chevy said in an AMA that he had shot something for the season, and when Harmon was asked about it he didn't exactly deny it (Chevy also tweeted a pic of him in a makeup chair a few weeks ago, saying that he couldn't say what he was getting ready for). His death seemed pretty firm (if he was just pretending, Abed attempting to get his tracker out of his body would have woken him up, I would think), but the hologram or a videotaped message of some sort isn't out of the realm of possibility, especially given how nutty the season looks.

This is actually the first time I got excited about the new season. I have nothing against the new format, and I was happy as everyone else when it got its surprise renewal, thus allowing it to reach its prophesied sixth season, but I just haven't been feeling it. Maybe it's only that I'm too busy to dwell on it as much, or maybe it's the fact that we know John Oliver and Jonathan Banks won't be around either, but even with the excellent cast additions (Keith David scores the best line in this trailer, I think) and the news that Rob Schrab would be directing a lot of the episodes, I still haven't exactly been counting the days until it returns like I had in seasons' past. But this got some of that old feeling back, and while it is kind of sad to see such a sparse study group table (even if Shirley was always my least favorite character of the seven), I trust enough in the writers and the still-game cast to get me fully hooked again after the season premiere. And even if it's another gas leak year, it will have Keith David dressed as a robot and laughing maniacally, so it's automatically worth your time.