If You’re Going On A STAR TREK, Be Sure To Pack Some MAPS TO THE STARS

Good for the Alpha Quadrant only.

This week Phil and I get right down to business and that business is discussing David Cronenberg’s Map to the Stars. Out of respect for Phil, I tried my best to put my thinking cap on and keep my bullshit to a minimum. It’s a nice discussion! Phil and I have good, clean, and respectful arguments about several points and come out the other side still pals.

After that we start talking about Star Trek, something I wouldn’t mind doing every week. This week, of course, is special due to the death of Leonard Nimoy. If you come to this podcast looking for wacky views held only by insane people, I spend some time arguing (slightly) for Star Trek V and (slightly) against Star Trek VI.

This is one of our shorter episodes, which means digressions are kept in check a bit more than usual. Phil does offer us one hell of a George Takei impression, though.

And by the way, we really appreciate all the support and enthusiasm many have displayed for this goofy little podcast. Usually this comes in the form of comments and Twitter responses, but we were recently honored with a brilliant work of art by listener David Lambert. Savor the flavor below:

Isn’t that amazing!? Phil and I are probably going to have this on our walls soon because we are vain jerks but also because we’re shocked someone would put such time and effort into drawing our ugly mugs (actually, Phil looks quite handsome).

So thanks again for listening. We’ll see you next week as Phil and I take on Chappie.