Jeff Goldblum And Liam Hemsworth Confirmed For INDEPENDENCE DAY 2

Yay and yuck!

Roland Emmerich confirmed last night that Independence Day 2, or ID2 probably, will feature Jeff Goldblum reprising his role from the original, and Liam Hemsworth reprising his role as the less-awesome Hemsworth (though I understand there is debate about this). Actually the rumor is Hemsworth might be playing Bill Pullman’s son-in-law, though Pullman has not yet been confirmed for the film.

In addition to these fellas, The Hollywood Reporter claims that Survivor’s Remorse actor Jessie Usher will also appear in the film as that kid Will Smith was trying to help raise. That should be pretty exciting for those who had a strong connection with that character. Hopefully his dog is still alive and can return as well.

The film will supposedly be about a retaliatory alien fleet coming to kick our asses for the asses we kicked two decades prior. They would have shown up when all the actors were still young, but it took them that long just to arrive. Our technology has changed a lot since then, however, and if Goldblum was able to give them a cyber cold back in the ‘90s, imagine the all-out heinous disease he could inflict upon the aliens now.