Order A Sam Rockwell Shake In This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

We've got Flight Facilities, Teleman and Leal in this week's music video roundup.

Hero choreographer and mind-boggling link between Michael Jackson and Lars von Trier, Vincent Paterson, created an ingenious dance composition for the likes of Sam Rockwell in the Rhett Wade-Ferrell directed offering for Flight Facilities’ latest. And the Australian electro-pop duo’s catchy “Down To Earth” provides the soundtrack for the veteran star’s fancy footwork in a daydream that sadly only lasts four minutes.

It wasn’t until I arrived at the infectious break around the 1:40 mark that I remembered hearing UK four-piece Teleman’s “Skeleton Dance” once before and wished I’d had Shazam (or was it Kazaam)? At any rate, it’s wholly settling to observe the flawlessly woven visual and aural literal fruits of synth playing director Jonny Sanders’ labor. However intentionally non-narrative they planned for it to be, the simple kaleidoscope of shapes, colors and Bhangra folk dance moves tells a story worth watching.

When Latin Grammy Award-winning director Carlos López Estrada’s name is attached to a video project, you’ll typically see an additional credit for editor as well. That’s because he’s clearly a majestic, superhuman being by whom we should all feel creatively threatened. The video for Leal’s “Disco Ball” is unexpectedly my favorite pick in a bundle that includes Sam Rockwell cutting a rug. It could be yours, too, if you’ve ever wondered how disco balls were born or why you should see My Own Private Idaho. Something about the production design and ditty itself hark back to the latter. My Rushmore: having the budget to make Udo Kier dance with a lamp in one of my own music videos.