Yep, Fox Is Making An EXPENDABLES TV Series

How and why and what?

The Expendables 3 crashed and burned upon hitting theaters last year, seemingly keeping us all safe from more grizzled veteran action-star attempts at mayhem. In a weird way, it was a little disappointing, as the crew had finally figured things out by the third entry. But we all accepted the death and moved on.

Boy were we wrong. According to Deadline, Fox has ordered a script for an Expendables TV show that would focus not on aging movie ass-kickers, but aging TV ass-kickers, which often might be one and the same.

They’re calling it an event series - like Roots! - indicating that the show will have a limited run by design. Stallone will serve as executive producer with Avi Lerner and Shane Brennan, who will also be showrunner. Greg Coolidge and Kirk Ward are writing.

This has been in the cards for a while, but now it’s official. The article also claims a fourth and fifth Expendables movie are also possible as well as The Expendabelles. I’m kind of surprised by all of that.

So now you lucky dogs get to pick TV action stars to populate this small screen Expendables crew. I nominate Terry Crews, Chuck Norris, and Kelsey Grammer.