HBO Is Proud To Announce The Next Mayor Of New York City: Alec Baldwin

All right, Baldwin, follow your heart. Hard Equations And Rational Thinking. 

Alec Baldwin's a jerk, but he makes for great TV, so it's good news that this jerk is headlining his own HBO "House of Cards-style drama" in which he'll play the mayor of New York. 

The series is as yet untitled, but the pilot will be written by a person (?) named Wells Tower, and Baldwin will executive produce alongside Closer and The Player's Cary Brokaw. Here's the synopsis: 

Baldwin will play Joe Byrne, a billionaire real estate developer philanthropist, and celebrated socialite/tabloid fixture, who is unexpectedly rocketed into NYC politics when tragedy strikes the incumbent mayor and he is drafted to replace him.

[...] Baldwin, who has mulled a possible move into real politics, will play a larger-than-life divorced entrepreneur whose burst into the political spotlight is made interesting by his appetite for women and a dark past.

So what does "House of Cards-style" mean? Evidently it will be dark, but not as dark, as David Fincher's political Netflix series, and the tone is intended to hit "the lightest and most entertaining episodes of The Sopranos." 

There are a million more words about this thing at the below Deadline link, but you get the gist. Into it? I think I am.