New TOMORROWLAND Poster Totally Hides That The Movie Is About A Girl

Keep your icky girls off our big movie poster!

Britt Robertson is the lead of Tomorrowland, playing Casey Newton, a scientifically inclined teen who gets together with former child prodigy Frank Walker (George Clooney) to unlock the mystery of Tomorrowland, a futuristic city. It's her story! So of course she isn't on the poster at all. Clooney and some boy are. 

Now, you could conceptually argue that the reason why Casey isn't on this poster is that the poster is Casey's POV - we ARE Casey! That's cool, conceptually, but it still feels like a cop out way of keeping a girl off the poster of your movie. 

This is probably just a marketing thing - someone has a chart that shows what kind of an opening weekend dip the movie will take if there's a girl on the poster or some shit - and shouldn't be held against the film which, again, has a young girl as the lead. But man, you'd think Disney would try to not be so obvious about hiding the female component after they took heat for keeping Gamora off Guardians of the Galaxy merch, after the lack of Princess Leia merch at Disney Stores and the recent kerfuffle about female figures in the Star Wars Rebels toy line. It's cool that there's a girl at the center of this movie, but don't hide her like she's a marketing problem. 

There will be a new trailer for the film on Monday, which I assume will feature Casey prominently.