Movie Review: WOLFCOP Meets Most Werewolf Cop Movie Standards

Whatever they may be.

What do you expect from a movie like Wolfcop? This is a film about a cop who turns into a werewolf; it doesn’t exactly touch upon the frailties of the human condition or anything. Mr. Wolfcop doesn’t have to contend with bigotry or social persecution. It’s a lot more about how he likes to drink booze and pee on people.

With a running time of about seventy minutes, Wolfcop doesn’t have a lot to do beyond executing its premise, which means it ends right when its obnoxiousness begins to overwhelm its novelty. It’s all pretty simple: A shitty small town cop (played by Leo Fafard) becomes a werewolf and kills a cadre of shapeshifting aliens that have been running his town for centuries.

Wolfcop’s greatest asset, though one that might piss off purists, is its complete disregard for werewolf rules and lore. A bite does not transform the cop, Lou, into a werewolf. Instead, he gets the curse via some kind of satanic ritual that involves cutting a pentagram into his chest. As a werewolf, Lou appears to retain his own personality for the most part. He can even talk. And (of course) have sex. (There are like three shots in a row of Wolfcop’s wolf-hands cupping a lady’s breasts from behind, which means you get three different chances to laugh and get turned on. Good luck!)

This makes Wolfcop kind of a shitty werewolf movie but probably helps with its entertainment value overall. You have to squint a bit, but by giving Wolfcop personality and agency, the film does offer its main character a somewhat satisfying redemption arc. The film does a good job highlighting what a bad cop Leo is at first, not just because he arrives at work puking and still drunk from the night before, but through contrast with the town’s actually great cop, Tina (played by Amy Matysio). We want Tina to finally get some credit for being a badass, but we also want Lou to at least attempt to meet her standards. Once he transforms, he gets that chance, even if only by ripping the faces off a ton of bad guys.

Speaking of the bad guys, they are - as mentioned above - shapeshifting aliens. Unfortunately, they only change into other humans. Plus, we only see their true form when they die, which seems like kind of a bummer. If you’re going to have shapeshifting aliens in your werewolf cop movie, you might as go all the way with it. Wolfcop leaves a lot of that potential goofiness on the table.

There are some interesting pleasures, however. Wolfcop looks cool, and I’ll be long dead in the ground before I lose my ability to enjoy the sight of a werewolf firing a gun like an action hero. That goes double for a big montage where a werewolf remodels his car so it has a bunch of goofy Ws on it. Jonathan Cherry (who you might remember from Final Destination 2) offers a likable enough dumb sidekick character. And while I can’t be 100% sure, I do believe this is the first werewolf movie where the transformation starts dick-first. Honestly that should be the film’s tagline.