New TOMORROWLAND Trailer Reveals Objectivist Paradise, Also Clooney’s Tub

A fuller look at what Disney's next live action theme park adaptation is all about.

Who is John Galt George Clooney?

The new trailer for Tomorrowland (in this UK trailer called Tomorrowland: A World Beyond for dumb copyright reasons) gives us a better sense of what Brad Bird's next movie is all about, and the answer is Objectivism. Just like The Incredibles. But maybe this time the movie is not as much of an endorsement of the philosophy, as the movie seems to be a kind of kiddie Bioshock, with the people of Tomorrowland having fucked off to an alternate dimension, leaving us here in a world that is quickly going to shit. I imagine that the end of this film will see Tomorrowland forced to rejoin the rest of the world, and maybe bring some of their scientific advances with them. Or, if Bird is staying Randian, maybe the federal government will find and destroy Tomorrowland at the end. What a bummer. 

The trailer's good - I like the clever use of CGI and I like the Eiffel Tower turning into a rocket. I like George Clooney's bathtub also turning into a rocket. I wonder what else turns into a rocket in this movie. I do look at this trailer and worry that it's going to be a lot of running and screaming - the Goonies effect. Maybe that's just the tone of the trailer, which is a touch frantic.