The Canon Episode 17: THE NIGHTS OF CABIRIA

Guest Amber Benson brings some Fellini to the podcast. 

After spending quite some time in the 90s, this week The Canon leaps back to 1957 with Federico Fellini's The Nights of Cabiria, about a plucky prostitute who refuses to be broken by life. It stars Fellini's real life wife Giulietta Masina in an extraordinarily expressive performance in a film that has one feet planted firmly in Italian Neorealism. 

This movie was nominated by Amber Benson, known for her turn as Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as her young adult books, including her latest, The Witches of Echo Park (you can buy it by clicking here and be ahead of the curve for when it gets optioned as a movie). I had never seen Cabiria, so I'm incredibly thankful to Amber for turning me on to this one, and I think this week's episode, with a particularly woman-centric point of view, is pretty great. Amber's a terrifically potty-mouthed woman who really lives right on the line of juvenile and sophisticated, so you can understand why she's a friend. We're going to have her back - she's already called dibs on her next movie - but in the meantime enjoy this exploration of the kind of female character we so rarely see in the movies. 

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