The WALKING DEAD Companion Series Will Be On For A While

AMC just handing out multi-season commitments like candy.

Based on what everyone has been saying online, The Walking Dead has gone through a real upswing in quality. Perhaps that upswing has dwindled since, but it seems like the show has real enthusiasm behind it for the first time since it first arrived.

Whether people still love the show or not, it remains very popular, leading AMC to start work on another show set in the same universe. So far the show does not have a title, but according to Deadline it’s going to have two seasons to prove itself, similar to the move AMC pulled with Better Call Saul.

Whatever the show ends up being called, it will have a short, six-episode season late this summer, followed by a regular-sized season sometime in 2016. Hopefully this series will take stock of what has and hasn’t worked on its parent show, while also avoiding just another retread of similar situations. If you’re going to go in another direction, might as well go as far in that direction as possible. Maybe the zombies can be nice! They just want to give gross kisses, you stuck-up humans.