An Actress Without Law Joins ASH VS EVIL DEAD

Finally, someone we’ll recognize!

Ash vs Evil Dead has been getting some casting stories lately, but other than Ash himself, the characters are all being played by relative unknowns thus far. That’s not a bad thing all by itself, but there’s also nothing wrong with having some familiar faces show up every now and again.

And now a familiar face has arrived. According to HitFix, Lucy Lawless has joined the cast. This might not be a shock since Lawless appeared in in Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert’s Xena: Warrior Princess as a character whose name I cannot remember at this time. Also, she’s married to Rob Tapert.

Lawless is a cool actress, and it’ll be fun to see what kind of bravado she brings to the show and how it mixes with the fake bravado provided by its lead. Her character, Ruby, thinks Ash is responsible for all the Evil Dead nonsense going on and wants to hunt him down. That seems to be a popular character description for this show.